One website bold enough to face up to libel accusations in a world of increasing fraud, and out of control in Chicago, Illinois.

The fake news, fraud, scammers galore are out of hand without end in sight. Skimmers and scanners can steal from 10 feet away together with your chip on your own credit/debit card, precisely the same technology used to steal auto. Without my ideas, you have no leverage. The thieves often have an Hispanic name as they are illegal aliens who steal your ssn to work, then steal your tax return money which causes the federal government to come after you for the difference. Several bogus bank accounts a week set up in your name is not unusual, and LifeLock is not enough protection. The top institutions like banks and AOL steal more income than petty thieves (the sub-prime loan scandal cause laid-off employees admitting they were instructed to mimeograph stolen signatures of individuals, like me, whose credit scoring went from best to bad, because of everyone who foreclosed while using the information of victims. The bankers didn't go to jail, instead, they were rewarded with bail outs and bonuses, not interest and loan fees as a lot of people, owing to no-fault of their own, have a low credit score, and can’t buy anything, rent an apartment, or find a job, because wealthy sociopaths get wealthier, with derivatives that never went away and the many innocent victims get kicked in the teeth. than the petty thief, knowing white collar crime pays, as they can afford powerful attorneys and the DA does not prosecute anymore because forgery, images, and now video can be air-brushed (anti-aliasing) with high resolution scanners and the bad guys will ultimately win. The federal government is losing tax revenue and will eventually eventually die, and also the judges realise that, and that is why people are losing everything, young and old, not with mental medical problems which can be bogus anyways thanks to greedy doctors, but physical health issues, or the many who will be the victims of unemployment as a consequence of high taxes, even though tax revenues are decreasing. Homeless, crime, and suicide are through the roof.

Chicago, Illinois, which ranks #3 with a population of 2,716,450 is certainly not the only place I receive complaints. My only crime was getting cancer, and doctors I never heard of ruined my credit, and my score went down even after paying a law firm $1,000 to fix my credit. Two convalescent homes I'd been sent to against my will after seizures charged me more than I earned from social security, with forged signatures, leading to hundreds of dollars of charge backs, they would not let me put in a change of address, and I again lost my social security again. They took out a guardian status, resulting in they are able to take my money with no court appearance. A sister of mine, because of two illegal conservatorships as a result of my cancer, stole my inheritance money, cabin money, condo money, I lost my social security money and Medicare Part D where I knew I would die without antibiotics for constant urinary tract infections, and I became homeless and hungry.If it wasn’t for a church and synagogue giving me food, clothing, and cooking utensils, I would not be here to help you defeat the evil double standard of a world worse than hell for me and increasingly others.Some idiot court investigator said “you obviously have a sister who loves you” because of her alligator tears, then she would taunt me in the worst way away from court, as would my mother and step-father, living la vida loca off my grandparents’ inheritance gift where my sister joked about me being written out of my inheritance after hosing my grandparents all their lives. I never asked for anything from my grandparents, which is why you will see anarchy and Armageddon. This is a warning as there a lot more victims like me who definitely have nothing to lose, and think about death or prison time to be a better option, and if you’re not careful, it’s getting lots worse. More theft and betrayal means more mass shootings, and you must be careful because of the ignorance and stupidity of most people who are not waking up.

At, my website where you can anonymously rat out anyone you want, win prizes for the most support in tracking down and exposing the scammers, you need not worry about libel, slander, defamation of character, nor will I, because of the 1996 information decency act where if you read more are a third party information provider, you are not liable for the information on the Internet. Plus, with overseas trust funds, they will not get blood out of a turnip, suffocating the parasite lawyers and scammer-parasites out of existence, and that includes not having to pay taxes with these same International tax shelters, teaching these scum bags from the courts a lesson.

Give them a taste of their very own medicine. There is certainly superior technologies at https://www.ScamAlert.planet I talk about to subdue criminals with an inferior state of thoughts, and create a much better economy which always means much less crime, plus privatization for far better, friendlier, cheaper service. Eventually, money goes away with total automation along with the end of a have to have for human labor, like if you purchase a 3D printer that prints every little thing. See

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